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The Essential Guide on How to Fix a Warped Record

In this guide we show you step-by-step how to unwarp a vinyl record safely

Why do Vinyl Records Warp?

Let's go over each reason and potential cause for warping.

How to ship vinyl records? Follow this step-by-step guide before mailing them.

The Best Guide to Vinyl Record Storage

Find out how to store your vinyl records properly so that you'll be able to play them on your turntable for years.

How does the Vinyl Flat work?

5 easy steps

groovy pouch flattener.jpg


Connect the Groovy Pouch and toggle until an optimal temperature of 130°F

vinyl record combo music.jpg


Insert the Vinyl Flat inside the Groovy Pouch and start heating for 1 hour


Play in your favorite turntable!

Vinyl Flat and vinyl record player_edited.jpg


Insert the record in The Vinyl Flat and hand-tighten the nut washer

Warped vinyl record flattener dished.png


Finish heating and cool down for 45-minutes with the record still inside

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Types of Vinyl Records: Sizes, Dimensions and Materials

Learn more about the different types of records and their use.


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