The Groovy Pouch is our self-contained heating unit for the Vinyl Flat Record Flattener.  The Groovy Pouch features stable temperature control to facilitate flattening of all types of records.   The simple “fold-over” design is easy to use and ensures that heat is evenly applied to the Vinyl Flat top and bottom plates resulting in better performance compared to our previous designs.  You can also use the pouch as a handy storage case for your Vinyl Flat.

Some of our customers use an outlet timer to automatically turn the pouch off after heating the Vinyl Flat.  We don't sell timers, but using an outlet timer with the pouch greatly reduces the possibility of over-heating a record.  We recommend a timer that works in 15-minute increments which is ideal for record flattening - 
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  • “Fold-Over” Design is Easy to Use and Directs Heat Evenly to the Vinyl Flat Plates
  • Use as a Storage Case for the Vinyl Flat
  • High-Quality Rugged Black Nylon Fabric Shell
  • Fabrics Hand-Sewn in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with 1-Year Limited Warranty