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The Best Record Flattener Machines

Find out what the best flattener machines are and why you need one.

Updated June 2023

This is a vinyl record machine

If you're an audiophile or a collector, then you know that warped records are a real problem. If you don't have a record flattener machine, then you're missing out on listening to some of your favorite albums.


You might suspect you have a warped record. In many cases, you can easily tell if the record is warped by either looking at it or even playing it. You might hear the audio distorted or any unexpected sounds.


But what's the best way to fix it? There are different ways to fix warping, but in this blog post, we'll review the top three disc flattener machines on the market so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.


Before using a flattener machine, we suggest cleaning your record. Sometimes they can be a bit tricky to keep clean. If you don't clean them properly, you run the risk of damaging the record or causing it to sound bad.


There are a few different methods you can use, but the most important thing is to be gentle. Start by using a soft, lint-free cloth to dust off the record. If there are any stubborn spots, you can try using a cleaning solution designed specifically for vinyl. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.

Once the record is clean, you can go ahead and try any of these flattening options.

The same concept applies to all flattener machines. Vinyl is sensitive to heat and can be restored by raising the temperature and applying equal pressure, which is how it works. However, there are significant price variations and how they function.


Furutech LP Flattener DF-2

This is a Japanese-made high-end disc machine that promises better heat control than its predecessor, the DFV-1. Furutech is based in Tokyo and has years of experience making audio accessories.


Their flattener machine operates much like a clamshell, with the record placed inside and the machine closed before being turned on. There are different heating times available, from one hour to 2.5 hours, with 1.5 hours being the standard. After heating is complete, the machine goes into a cooling period for two hours.


This is a one-button machine, very easy to operate. So what's the downside? It can be very expensive for the regular collector. Prices for the DF-2 range from $3000-$3500 in the United States. This video shows how to use the Furutech LP Flattener DF-2.




The ORB is a one-stop flattener machine that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It's made by ORB, a Japanese company that develops and manufactures audio accessories.


Unlike the Furutech, the ORB's high-end device has different modes for temperature but not time. You can switch between low, medium, and high heat. But the time cycle is flat at 2 hours of heating and 2 hours of cooling. The ORB machine is designed for 12'' disc size, but can be easily adapted to 7'', and 10'' sizes.


Similar to the Furutech, this machine comes with a high price tag. You can find it for $1,000-$1,500 in the United States. Watch this video for additional insights.









The Vinyl Flat

The more affordable option of the bunch. They also offer a heating element The Groovy Pouch.


This machine is made in the USA and it's also easy and efficient to use. The Groovy Pouch comes with 3 settings for temperature, low, medium, and high. But the time is controlled manually by turning on and off the device. This allows for additional flexibility.


The Vinyl Flat also comes with groovy rings for 7'', 10'', and 12'' making it compatible with all standard vinyl sizes.





After the de-warping process, you can go ahead and play your record again.


Don't forget to protect it from future damage by storing it correctly. The best way to store records is to do it vertically in the original sleeve and cover. This will help to keep dust and other contaminants off of the record and minimize any points of pressure. With proper care, your vinyl records should last for many years.


Conclusion: When it comes to choosing a record flattener machine, there are a few things you need to take into consideration such as price, features, and reviews. So there you have it! Three different record flattener machines are compared side by side.


Which one is right for you? That decision is ultimately up to you, but we hope this blog post has given you a better idea of what's out there and aided you in making a decision about which machine is right for you! Happy flattening!

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