• Unique and Simple Design
  • Safe for All Vinyl Records
  • Flattens Vinyl Record Warps by Applying Even Pressure to Record Playing
  • Includes Three Pairs of Soft Groovy Rings that Work with ALL Record Sizes
    (7", 10" and 12" records)
  • Reduces or Eliminates Record Dishing
  • Use With or Without Heat Source (Groovy Pouch or Kitchen Oven)
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Designed and Made in USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with 2-Year Limited Warranty

This hardware is included with the Vinyl Flat.  
You only need to purchase this replacement
pack if you need to replace your hardware.

  • Includes Stainless Steel Bolt with
    Protective Cap, Stainless Steel Wing Nut
    and Two Heat-Resistant Fiber Washers

All of these Groovy Rings are included with the Vinyl
Flat.  You only need to purchase this replacement
pack if you need to replace any of your Groovy
Rings.  These rings are made of soft synthetic fabric
that protects, cushions and insulates records from
the Vinyl Flat plates.  The pack includes:

  • One 12-Inch Pair of Rings.  Use these general-
    purpose rings with any record size (7", 10" or
    12") and with any type of warp.  Best for LPs
    with edge warps.

  • One 12-Inch Pair of Rings with Center Record
    Label Cutout for LPs.  Best for dished 12-inch
    LPs (LPs that have a convex or concave warp).

  • One 7-Inch Pair of Rings with Center Record
    Label Cutout for 45s.   Best for flattening 45s.
The Groovy Pouch is our self-contained heating unit for the Vinyl Flat Record
Flattener.  The Groovy Pouch features stable temperature control to facilitate
flattening of all types of records.   The simple “fold-over” design is easy to use
and ensures that heat is evenly applied to the Vinyl Flat top and bottom plates
resulting in better performance compared to our previous designs.  You can also
use the pouch as a handy storage case for your Vinyl Flat.

Some of our customers use an outlet timer to automatically turn the pouch off
after heating the Vinyl Flat.  We don't sell timers, but using an outlet timer with the
pouch greatly reduces the possibility of over-heating a record.  We recommend a
timer that works in 15-minute increments which is ideal for record flattening -
one here on Amazon.

  • “Fold-Over” Design is Easy to Use and Directs Heat Evenly to the Vinyl Flat
  • Use as a Storage Case for the Vinyl Flat
  • High-Quality Rugged Black Nylon Fabric Shell
  • Fabrics Hand-Sewn in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with 1-Year Limited Warranty
The Vinyl Flat is the proven, affordable way to fix warped and dished vinyl records
and is used by knowledge record collectors and vinyl record enthusiasts
worldwide.  The Vinyl Flat includes three different types of Groovy Rings to handle
any record size or type of warp.  These soft synthetic fabric rings are used inside
the Vinyl Flat plates to protect and cushion the record during flattening.

The Vinyl Flat can be used with or without a heat source.  Your kitchen oven can
be used to heat the Vinyl Flat, provided you
follow our instructions.  However,
most customers use our Groovy Pouch, sold below, to heat the Vinyl Flat as it is
more convenient and easier to use than an oven.