If you're serious about headphones, the Can Opener is a “must have”
accessory that lets you directly connect your favorite cans to the speaker
terminals of most stereo amplifiers.   

The Can Opener bypasses the sub-par active headphone jack circuitry that
is typically found in most receivers and integrated amps to ensure the best
possible headphone listening experience at home.  The Can Opener may
also be used to add headphone functionality to stand-alone stereo power
amplifiers since these components do not typically have headphone jack

High-quality, passive components combined with a precision, all-metal
Neutrik locking ¼-inch headphone jack ensure the integrity of the audio
signal from the amplifier speaker outputs to your headphones.  

Open your cans, man!

  • Lets you safely connect headphones directly to stereo amplifier
    speaker outputs
  • Bypasses internal amplifier headphone jack circuitry
  • Uses no active components – requires no power
  • 5-way binding posts for use with all types of speaker cable and
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA

Enclosure:      Laser-cut 20 g steel with black texture powder coat finish    
                     and titanium black gloss epoxy silkscreen printing
Dimensions:   5-1/8” D x 4-3/4” W x 1-3/4” H
Net Weight:     16 oz
Connectors:    Banana plug 5-way speaker terminals;   
                      Precision metal Neutrik ¼-inch locking headphone jack

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These short-length speaker cables provide a quick and easy way to
connect the Can Opener to the speaker outputs of most stereo amplifiers
and receivers.  The cables are high quality “plug-and-play” 3-foot 12 AWG
jacketed cables terminated with banana plugs on both ends.  Each cable
has 259 individual strands of oxygen free copper.  Set includes two pairs
of 3' speaker cables - one pair for the Left audio channel and one pair for
the Right audio channel.  At just $11.95 for two pairs, these cables are an
unbeatable value and the best way to connect your Can Opener to your
home stereo amplifier!

Two Pair of 3' Speaker Cables  $11.95
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