• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unique, Patent-Pending Design
  • Safe for All Vinyl Records
  • Flattens Vinyl Record Warps by Applying Even Pressure to Record Playing
  • Includes One Pair of Soft Universal Groovy Rings - Works with ALL Record
    Sizes (7", 10" and 12" records)
  • Reduces or Eliminates Record Dishing
  • Use With or Without Heat Source (Groovy Pouch or Kitchen Oven)
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

PACK    $9.95   

  • Replacement Hardware Pack for the Vinyl
    Flat Record Flattener
  • Includes Twist-on Cap, Stainless Steel Bolt,
    Bolt Cap Cover and Two Black Washers


  • Two Pairs (4 Rings) of
    Universal Groovy Rings for
    the Vinyl Flat Record Flattener
  • Soft Synthetic Fabric Works
    on ALL Vinyl Record Sizes:  
    12" and 10" LPs, 7" 45s, etc.
  • Light and Simple to Use
  • No Alignment Needed
  • Protects, Insulates and
    Cushions Record from Vinyl
    Flat Plates
  • 100% Safe for All Vinyl
The Groovy Pouch is a dedicated, "use anywhere"  heat source for the Vinyl
Flat.  Just slip an assembled Vinyl Flat into the pouch, seal the Velcro opening and
plug in the included DC power supply.

The pouch uses high-tech carbon fiber heating elements to surround the Vinyl Flat
with gentle, even heat.  The pouch is a safe way to repair records because it
operates at a lower temperature than a kitchen oven, reducing the possibility of
heat damage to your valuable records.  

The pouch is also an energy efficient ("green") solution because it uses low-
voltage DC power, consuming a fraction of the power that is typically used by a
kitchen oven.  The included power supply operates on worldwide voltages from 110
to 240v.

  • A Safer Way to Fix Record Warps and Dishes
  • Surrounds the Vinyl Flat with Gentle, Even Heat
  • Low-Voltage, Energy-Efficient Design
  • Doubles as a Storage Case for the Vinyl Flat
  • Power Supply Included
  • High-Quality Black Synthetic Fabric Shell with Velcro Seal
  • Designed in USA and Manufactured in China
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty for Consumer (Non-Commercial) Use
RETRO RING PACK FOR 45s AND 12" LPs    $19.95
                                                        (FREE USA SHIPPING)
The Vinyl Flat is the proven, affordable way to fix warped and dished vinyl records
and is used by knowledge record collectors and vinyl record enthusiasts

The Vinyl Flat ships with one pair of our soft Universal Groovy Rings.  These
general-purpose synthetic fabric rings are used inside the Vinyl Flat plates to
protect and cushion the record during flattening.  You can use these universal
rings to flatten any record size and most common types of warps, including edge

In late 2015, we announced our "Retro Rings".  These optional soft fabric Groovy
Rings (see below) only contact the record playing surface and are ideal for tough
to flatten 45s and LPs with warps that are inside the outer edge of the record.

  • New for 2015 - a re-design of our Original Hard
    Groovy Rings using Soft Synthetic Fabric!
  • Better Performance, Less Expensive than our
    Original Hard Rings
  • Pack Includes Two Pairs of Rings (One Pair for
    45s and One Pair for 12" LPs)
  • Excellent for tough to flatten 45s and for 12" LPs
    that do not have edge warps
  • Precision Design for 7-Inch 45s and 12-Inch LPs
  • Center Label Cut-Outs Allow Rings to Only
    Contact the Record Playing Surface
  • Protects, Insulates and Cushions Record from
    Vinyl Flat Plates
  • 100% Safe for All Vinyl Records!

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